• sailing takes me away to where I've always thought it cud be
    sailing with ur heart is sumting foreva timeless and was meant to be
    your heart is sumthing I will sail with me for ever till my boat sinks
    when it sinks u will still have a patch of love in my heart for ever no matter. Where I go
    in if that cannot be done for wateva reason u have my heart filled with love ready to float
    on your endless ocean hearing the echo of ur heart beat seeing the ripples of the water as u sail away with my heart forever u have takened it away
    as I watch u take it away I hear the ocean sway. Forever ur taking my heart away
    forever will we stay together like we always have sailing away n our love of tears
    this ocean has been filled for many years just wait till piles of our tears bring back all those precious memories after all those years V___v