• Those of you
    who thought they knew
    all the trauma I was going through;
    just shut up and listen for once.
    Listen to the real me,
    not the mask I put on,
    to show all but a few of you,
    the happieness you want to see in me.
    1 for the anger
    Listen to the real voice,
    sounding crazy and lonely;
    confused even.
    The one that cried itself to sleep,
    while all of you looked away.
    Her silent scream,
    always in danger of slipping out,
    echoing in my head.
    The one I hid
    from all but a few of you.
    2 for tears
    Look at the real me,
    the one you thought
    was so strong,
    now crying; broken and alone.
    forgotten by everyone.
    You chose to ignore her,
    when my mask failed,
    so go away,
    see how much I care
    when you turn your back.
    3 for hatered
    Do you realize,
    how many times I counted the tears?
    You taught me it was bad to cry,
    I had to be strong.
    You broke me down,
    and built my mask,
    but I wasn't strong enough.
    You broke more
    when you learned that,
    and now you're breaking me still,
    even though there's nothing left to break.
    Thought family was supposed to be there for me?
    4 for betrayal
    Now see what you did?
    Take a good look
    at the agony killing me.
    See the emotions
    fill me up,
    then come pouring out
    in such a flurry it's hard to tell
    weather I'm angry, laughing or crying.
    Watch me 'till it makes you crazy;
    crazy as me.
    All but a few of you,
    turn your heads and look the other way.
    5 for questions
    Take away your sympathy
    that lit the fuse of my bomb,
    that you hear tick-ticking away,
    waiting to explode.
    Take away the morons,
    reminding me of the sickness
    killing me inside.
    Take away the poison,
    that no matter how much I drink
    it won't kill me.
    Take away the appologies
    that all but a few of you
    try to force on me,
    not really meaning it.
    6 for prayers
    Remind me to kill with a smile,
    'cause that's what you always wanted me to.
    Right? Keep on smiling?
    All but a few of you
    want to be forgiven.
    But you know in your heart,
    that I won't.
    7 for death
    Now the "Little darling angel"
    that turned out to be the devil,
    sits alone and crys,
    planning her life over again,
    'cause there was too much.
    She never messed up,
    but wasn't perfect,
    and nobody really saw her.
    All but a few of you,
    never knew me.
    And no one ever will.
    Of course
    all but a few.