• mother nature is mad at us,
    the horrible hurricanes bursting through sea side towns,
    it's as if mother nature is pounding us for hurting her,
    thrashing us with rain!
    showing us the pain she has suffered through for 300 years now!
    nature is mad at us she's planning her revenge,
    we must suffer the way she did,
    we cut off her fingers, her long green and brown fingers
    only used to make goods for us! useless any other way
    now she sets fire to her long brown fingers,
    it roars and crackles for days destroying houses and people,
    and she's not done yet,
    she says "fine if you are going to suffocate me with these toxic fumes,
    I'll melt your icecaps!
    and you will drown just as i have almost drowned in this
    horrible pollution!"
    I'm pretty sure mother nature is mad at us,
    if we don't stop doing our horrible earth-killing things,
    mother nature is going to kill us back!