• Im sorry for being human
    My feelings can be hurt by certain words that you say
    I live everyday, tryin to find my way and just trying to have fun
    Im sorry that i can feel, Im sorry that experience Pain
    Im sorry if i find it hard to kill, Im sorry if im gloomy when it rains
    Im sorry that blood flows through my veins, My heart beating
    My body twitching, my head bumping, vision shaking....
    What is this? i do not know, But i am human and it comes with experience
    So let everything old and new be something to learn from
    I am sorry i am human, i can cry and some day i will die
    But until then i will stand here with a fire of life in my eye
    Im human, i feel pain, i feel joy, i might make best decisions,
    But i at least try to learn from my mistakes....

    i am sorry that i am human and i live life with no plan