• along with the snow,
    the white frosted land,
    an angel came from heaven,
    and took my waiting hand.

    He took me to the tree,
    on the christmas day,
    he showed me all his joy,
    his celebratorary way.

    He took my hand and arm,
    and wrapped me in his chest,
    he showed me how to glow,
    and be my very best.

    We shared somethign so perfect,
    I call the christmas heart,
    I thought it never would,
    nor never could fall apart.

    As the first leaves of spring,
    came faintly into view,
    I saw my angel walking,
    apon the morning due.

    I ran to him smiling,
    My arms wide for him,
    the light from him was blinding,
    it fed and nursed my grin

    At his feet i stopped,
    dead as he turned around,
    and my heart shattered,
    broken without a sound.

    His feet of beauty walked away,
    and over risen gone,
    I cryed for hours ever,
    and wrote this fateful song

    i loved the christmas angel
    and you will love him to
    but watch for in his kissing
    he's secretly killing you