• when i said i loved you, i meant it
    and when i say it now, i still do
    you know, that my heart, I represent it
    And I present it to you and you only
    Before you, i was oh so lonely
    But Becasuse of you i feel, oh so warmly
    And as long as you stand next to me,
    I will hold your hand oh so firmly,
    When we are together i feel free
    I feel i could do anything, By any means
    if it was for you, There are only a few
    like you, that could make me feel this way
    when you say, i love you
    i want to stay with you,
    i want to protect you
    Your shield and sword
    I want to be your wings
    and we can both soar, into the sky
    Your like the sun, brighting my day
    right before my eyes,