• My best friend,
    Oh how she shindes
    A silver embrace in my darkest hour,
    A lover's kiss,
    Blooming red on my wrist
    I know the temptation is too much

    I know that my twisted love
    My twisted bliss
    Will eventually run me through
    I know full well that I will eventually
    Grow too greedy for your fine embrace.

    A silver lover,
    How I've missed you so
    Your kiss was sweeter
    Than the finest chocolate,
    Yet more painful
    Than a friend's sharpest words

    Whether I hate or love you
    Is a complete mystery to me
    An addiction, that's all it is
    A sweet, painful addiction
    A bad habit to be broken
    Yet with a higher risk of death

    And do I hate you for it?
    Self Hatred.
    It fills my soul
    I hate myself for what I do
    I hate that I care what those around me think
    I hate that I remember the words of others
    When I'm trying to sleep

    You shatter my peace
    And yet you hold it all together
    Are you my savior
    Or my damnation?
    My silver companion
    My lover of blood
    Will I ever throw you away?
    Or am I stuck here forever?
    Will I ever be free?
    I wish
    I plea
    Temptation comes back to me

    I think I might hate you now.
    You shattered my hopes,
    My dreams
    You make it impossible to stop hating all
    That surrounds me
    I can't shake the feeling
    That you will haunt me.

    I run from you now,
    From your kiss
    The red slits you leave on my skin
    The lacerations on my ivory
    I'm sure they will fade
    But your memory. . . .
    It shall burn forever in the back of my mind.