• Falling souls,
    Thinking of only one...
    Their love or self.
    What's the difference?

    Falling down,
    You have no way up?
    Never felt this way..
    Well, You're in a bind.

    Never knew such pain,
    Down so hard,
    You can't feel a thing.

    You'll never be able,
    Be able to recover this...
    You're a fallen angel.
    No hope for survival.

    You're dead to me,
    You're dead to everyone,
    So go away!
    Not like you can get up.
    Try with all your might,

    You can't pull yourself up,
    What makes you think
    You can take me on.
    You think you can, but
    I'm more than you.

    I've been down,
    I've fallen before,
    But I survived.
    You won't be alive,
    To see another
    Sun rise.

    Even life is not,
    It won't be a sun,
    But a fire.
    You can't ESCAPE.

    I'll be there...
    I'll take you on!
    You think I'm here..
    To help you,but

    I'm here to push you down,
    To kill that hope,
    To murder every last thing.
    I'm your nightmare,
    In disguise to take you down.

    That fire is a blessing,
    Compared to my

    I'm not your angel,
    I'm the Fallen Angel...
    The one that you made.
    You want my help, but
    SORRY, not going to.

    I'm just as bad as you,
    Deep inside, I'm worse.
    I don't give out mercy,
    I'll pull out everything you have,
    I'll pull it out against you!