• LIFE............is a maze
    I pack my survival kit
    As i set off to commit
    To the adventure and danger
    I walk the rocky path as a stranger
    Of this maze i am completely unaware
    Of what i will endure and should beware
    I begin to change paths through fends
    After encountering many dead ends
    Not giving up i walk my ways
    Searching for the end of this maze
    And my body begins to blister and bleed
    Not crimson liquid beads
    But black pain caused through decades
    I treat the scares with my band-aids
    That are weaved with threads of hope
    I continue my journey with group
    The appearance of a stranger
    That wants me endangered
    Reveals himself as death
    And i let him take my last breath
    Realizing in disappointment
    My maze had not a finishing point