• Isn't it awkward,
    how everytime you see me you stop and stare
    Like I'm some freakshow
    Ment to be scary ment to be weird
    It's just how I am
    Isn't it awkward,
    How'd you tell everyone to stay away from me
    Like I have rabies
    Ment to be rabid, to attack and infect you with a disease called
    Isn't it awkward
    how'd you just sit and look at me, quiet intensity
    Never moving your eyes
    Studying my face, my hair, the shape of my nose
    Isn't it awkward..
    How you finally got the courage to ask me out after our first touching moment
    days later when you could finally understand your emotions
    Isn't it weird
    How after we'd spent years together
    Through separation
    Making long distance work, calling eachother at first sight of a break
    Isn't it weird
    How much you love me
    You'd do anything for me, and you pronounced that love with a ring
    When we were still young promising to take my hand when we became of age
    You kept that promise
    Isn't it strange
    How when after we got married we never left eachother's side
    and I love how you always comforted me when times got bad and worse
    Isn't it strange..
    How people fall in love
    Isn't it though?