• im going through so much pain, Its telling me to go solo
    But Even through all the pain, my Heart is telling me dont go
    No, no
    If im lost, ill just say marco, in hopes for someone to say polo
    Just gotta stay low, avoid the unnecessary, and flow with life
    Until you hear the voice that calls, And then i can fall
    Knowing that they will catch me, and when i run, they will fetch me
    Im in arms thats filled with love, im embraced and dont want to let go
    Because it could be my last hug, Because from what i saw and what i know
    My life is at risk, my sanity is at risk,
    And i cant sit still, Im so restless,
    Tsk, Tsk
    Look at my brisk pace, Bout to throw something important away
    Man, what a waste, How did i end up in such a place,
    Cant even see my hand in front of my face, so how am i suppose to give chase
    Ive lost trace of all i knew was true, now im in deep space,
    i will keep drifting, with my eyes closed, my soul
    exposed to everything...just slowly drifting until, someone finds me