• An inch,
    a mile,
    an hour,
    a while.

    And all that lies in your eyes is sadness,
    but my cotton stuffed arms cannot hold you,
    I can't control them,
    there's nothing I can do,
    to comfort you.

    Days pass on,
    you grow ill,
    even sicker still.

    My button eyes can not weep,
    they can't show support,
    they can't look you over lovingly,
    yet these eyes can still see,
    the pain and misery,
    etched upon your face.

    Open day,
    I am thrown upon a pile of junk,
    dirty filthy toys,
    no longer used by girls,
    or boys.

    I wish to call out your name,
    please don't leave me here.

    Before I knew it,
    I could smell smoke,
    and knew I was bound to die,
    and all those unsaid words,
    made me choke.

    And all those words,
    seeped through my button eyes,
    in the form of a single tear,
    but I no longer had any fear.

    I was glad to die here,
    for I realized it was me,
    making the boy I loved sick,
    and that me wanting to be,
    with him was entirely selfish.

    Before the flames had touched me,
    a fairy appeared,
    and she asked me one question I would never forget,
    "Do you wish to live?"
    "No. I can't if it will bring him pain."
    "Then your wish shall be granted."
    The fairy flew off without a word,
    as I silently burned in the flames,
    a tiny little bunny to never be the same.

    Years passed and the boy grew better,
    he was even allowed to go outside,
    and there he saw a bunny perched outside the door,
    those two were not separated anymore.

    But the bunny did not remember him,
    and he did not remember the bunny.