• I look up at you and our eyes meet,
    My heart begins to flutter in my chest,
    With the hidden emotion I held for you,
    For so many long agonizing years,
    It yerns for your warmth,
    For your body to be around me,
    Just for you and no one else,
    To be the one to warm my aching heart.
    This burden called love I hold in,
    Is powerful beyond belief,
    I can only last so long,
    Without this love seeping from my wounded heart,
    And reaching out towards you,
    With open arms waiting for you to take me in,
    And comfort me for as long as we are happy.
    If you just took my out-stretched hand,
    And held it just like you do everything else,
    I would do nothing else but try to please you,
    And show you that my feelings,
    The ones that kept me locked away,
    In my own horrific world,
    Would be released and given to you,
    The one that kept me humane for my whole life,
    The one I most definitely love.
    To be given the chance to live,
    And be by your side was a chance of fate,
    I do not wish to throw it away,
    Or let it go to waste,
    I wish to give you what has been yours for a while now.
    But for now I keep my love locked away,
    In the steel cage of my heart,
    And keeping it far from anyone’s reach,
    So that the one day I wished for my whole life,
    Would finally come,
    You accepting me with welcoming arms,
    And allowing me to open my heart up once again,
    Letting the light of your smile shine on my dimmed love,
    Brightening it and making me feel like I am actually the one that is wroth something.
    The one that had to suffer through life,
    Because her heart would not heal,
    The love would just keep breaking it,
    And tarring it until I only had so much left,
    To give or share.
    You are the only element in my life,
    That could heal such a burden,
    As a broken heart.
    No matter how long it takes,
    Even if I am old and dyeing,
    I will one day reveal to you,
    The love that I held in for you,
    And with my last words I will say,
    The strongest words I have ever spoken in my life,
    The words that could defy my own personal gravity,
    The three words that could sweep a person off their feet,
    The three words I have killed to say my whole life to you,
    “I Love You,”
    Forever and always.