• love is in everyone i can see it
    i mean i just didnt get y woman and girls were depressed and sad
    because it was love that they were missin
    its like love flows through our veins lik blood
    lik u become lik an idiot and u didnt realize it to u find out
    like u want to laugh or giggle
    the smiles the laughs the things u do
    the days where all ur problems wash away it is simple
    it is easy to know what it is
    to realize love was meant for u
    and u didnt know it
    u thought u would be alone forever
    like there is no one for u
    but u find someone
    that has the same heart beat
    that laughs and giggle wit u
    that u know that they love u for sure
    lik marrige right ahead of u
    when u find what is
    u realize quik fast and easy it is