• "he has lost"says the look in his eyes.
    "i have lost the only one i ever loved"says the hole in my heart.
    "every moment i was with you was a lifetime for me"says the cuts on my arms.
    "i could have lived forever"says the noose around my neck.
    "he cant do this"says her sprinting legs.
    "I had to end it"says the cold puddle of blood.
    "the end was near"says the cut across my neck.
    "I Truly loved you"screams the cocked and loaded gun!
    "you left me on the side to referee when i wanted to play" says the clip being loaded into the gun.
    "now im dead and im sorry for what ive done to you" says the bullet through my head.
    "if i would have known how you felt it wouldnt have ended it" says the cold limp body.