• she means everything to him
    wouldint want to lose her and become friends
    he wants to love her until the end
    he wants to hold her forever
    never letting go
    wants to hold her wants to be together
    but he knows they will never
    a piece of him torn away
    his heart shattered
    like nothing ever mattered
    it feels like he is getting stabbed many times
    he loves her and look at all his rhymes
    just for that special girl
    but she doesent care at all for it
    the idea of him and her just don't fit
    and it seems like it never will
    so their he lay on the hill
    thinking about her thinking about her life
    wishing she would be his wife
    the truth he knows hurts deep inside
    emotions building from all the things
    that he hides and they keep building
    day after day, as the only girl slips away
    he has lost her
    he couldint keep his grip
    as he feels his body start to rip
    the girl he loves the girl he adores
    just walks out of his life and out the door