• Girl:I'm at a party and he walks into the room.
    Boy:I walk into a party and there she is.
    Girl:I look at him and he never looks back.
    Boy:I see from the corner of my eye she is looking at me, but im too shy to look back.
    Girl:I wish he would talk to me. But we live in seperate worlds.
    Boy:I want to talk to her so much. But we live in seperate worlds.
    Girl:The party ends. We are the only two left.
    Boy:Everyone goes home, i was going to also, but then she stayed, so i did too.
    Girl:He comes over to me, my heart is racing.
    Boy:I walk over and try and talk, but i cant think of anything to say.
    Girl:He doesn't say anything, i lose hope.
    Boy:I say hi. And walk away. Why did i not seise the oppertunity?
    Girl:He says a quick hello. And leaves. All hope is lost.
    Boy:In the morning at school, i hear a horrible rumer. She died on her way back home from the party...she was hit my a drunk driver. Turns out it's not a rumer.

    ....(at the funeral).....

    Boy:The whole school is practically there. Her parents and friends are crying. This seems so unreal.

    Her parents walk up to me. They say she talked about me, and thought i might like to keep something she wrote.

    My Journal

    Im at a party and he walks into the room.....

    ....We live in 2 seperate worlds....but why do i love him when i have no chance.