• The Mystery Of A Goldfish

    Hey you, do you know about animals? You may say they are cute and all, but, how about what they can do? In this story, I’m going to tell you a story about a goldfish and thirteen years old boy named Jack, who is the main character. Alright, here we go!

    One normal boring afternoon in San Jose, California, I was walking home from school. I saw this strange lady whom I had never seen before and was selling goldfishes for two dollars each. I went to check it out and noticed this awkward looking fish whose fin was shorter than the other. I suddenly felt a strange beam of the lady’s eye staring at the back of my neck; I felt uncomfortable and continued walking home. The next morning I was walking to school with some friends and that same exact lady was still standing there selling those fishes. On my way back home, the lady was still there. I was curious of her appearance, so I asked her how long she’s been there. She retorted, “Two straight days and two straight nights.”

    I was observing the fish and the women said,”He’s a very special fish. His name is Corky.” Jack felt very rude so he introduced himself, “Hi I’m Jack.” “I’m Millicent.” She looks as if she‘s around the age of her mid forties but, the voice of a child. Jack finally decides to buy the abnormal goldfish. He takes it home and sets it on his drawer in his room. He starts to hear voices in his head and thinks he is going crazy. He guesses that the voices are from Corky. He tries to prove his theory and he talks to it. He asks a random question like what’s your name; the fish just stares at Jack with blankness. Jack turns around and heard someone say Corky. He jumps and now starts to feel frightened. He tries to make it say stuff by making a ridiculous monkey dance, he ooo and aaa along with his hands scratching his sides. The fish stops bobbing up and down in the water and slowly flips upside down. There was an awkward silence. Jack asks, “Are you okay.” Nothing happened. Out of the ordinary he screams out,”NNNNOOOOO!!!!! CORKY’S DEAD!!!!CORKY’S DEAD!!!!” The fish flips back to its proper position and teased “Gotcha!” Jack was so freaked out he fell straight on his behind.

    “That is impossible, fishes can’t talk!” “You are right, fishes can’t talk.” “But are you a fish?” “No I’m not. I’m a human; I was turned into a goldfish.” They argued. “By whom?” he questioned, “By Millicent! She is an evil witch. That describes her appearance for two whole days and nights.” Corky explained. “You’ve got to help me! Please!!!” Corky begged, “Fine! Okay! I’ll do it!”, “YEAH!!” Corky exclaimed. What do you need me to do first?” Jack asked. Corky answered in a mysteriously way, “Okay, this is what need you do. Break into her house and try to get her spell book. But be precautious not to get caught! She lives on Mission Lane house 1491.”

    I dashed out the door and headed for the hose, and Corky tagged along. Corky is very talkative. He talks about the most moronic things like, how a monkey can fly an air plane. We were getting closer to the house. I was getting an odd chill running through my body, from head to toes. “Finally!” Jack exclaimed with exhaustion. “We’re here!” “SSSSHHHH!!!! Be quite. She’s going to hear you. Now remember, the book is in the cupboard on the second floor.” Corky said in a hush and frustrated tone. “Don’t get caught!”
    The house had an eerie silence. It was so quite that I could hear myself think. I place one foot inside the scary old house, afraid that she’ll see me. The ground was filled with disgusting rubbish and insects. While I was walking I could feel a sickening crunch here and there. In the next room it was the living room. I heard snoring and growling noises. I gradually turned around and saw the witch Millicent lying on the couch sleeping. Her real face was revealed. It was very terrifying that I almost screeched.

    I began to move leisurely to the stairs onto the second story. At first it was hard to find my way, but I eventually found the light switch. I searched thou out the whole second floor, but found nothing. Until I magically found a secret storage closet in the attic and there were tons of books. Corky somehow found the book with a sense. “How in the world…” I was speechless at first, but Corky explained, “I have special powers. I can move objects with my mind.” Jack complained “Now you tell me! AFTER ALL THAT TIME I’VE BEEN SEARCHING, YOU TELL ME NOW!!”

    “WHO’S UPSTAIRS!! COME DOWN NOW!!!!” the witch hollered. “Quick, grab the book!” Corky ordered. I sprinted down the stairs pass the witch and out the door. When I ran out the door, I thought I heard the witch say, “You will be cursed!!” in a scary, shrieking, and horrifying way.

    The next morning I woke up and saw a strange man sitting on my bed. He greeted with a British accent, “Good morning, Jack. How are you doing today?” I shrieked, “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Who are you?” The British man replied, “I am Corky.” Jack inquired, “Wait a minute, all that happened yesterday was real; like with the witch and the book?” Corky replied, “Yes, it was all real.”“I am going to take a bath now.” said Jack.
    I grabbed my clothes and towel and entered the bathroom. When I was settled in the tub I felt a weird tingle rush through my body from head to toes, I felt as if I were going to explode. Out of nowhere BOOP!! I was transformed into a goldfish.