• Alas, tis the end of our quest,
    To the top of the fortress, my men needed rest.

    A mission for all my men to partake,
    A goal so small you'd think it be fake.

    To obtain a box with a power so great,
    The kings and gods would think it their fate.

    The "Box of Pandora" was the goal for my men,
    To retrieve it would bring us absolute zen.

    A man stood before us, god-like and giant,
    The box in his hand, he sure looked defiant.

    The man said "Surrender your weapons now",
    "Then get on your knees and prepare to bow".

    "I am your master, and you shall obey",
    "Do as I say and you'll live another day".

    The rebels we were weren't very smart,
    We gripped our weapons, we were children at heart.

    The trees all around us, we didn't care to hide,
    Each one of us did not want to swallow his pride.

    The rush of excitment when the fighting had started,
    Like the very first day when we all had departed.

    I fell to the ground with an arrow to my chest,
    Our dreams shattered, we failed, to do our best.

    My men fought alongside me, down to our death, knowing this now I can rest.
    Alas, tis the end of our quest.