• He may not be perfect

    I love him no less

    And in him my mistakes reflect

    but its over, that mess

    What is love?

    The common phenomenon.

    a feeling that to the side, I cannot shove

    Everybody feels it at least once in their life

    that dedication and unwavering passion

    no matter what kind of strife

    its never out of fashion

    its irrational and completely devotional

    Love, a feeling that cannot be defined

    and if you think you can, I dare you

    nothing about it is at all refined

    and it makes you look stupid too

    but its a joyful feeling

    let me tell you I was born to love you

    Every moment is so appealing

    Every single beat of my heart is yours too

    I love every little thing

    and these lyrics, well these, I wouldn't sing

    but I love your every moment and every breathe, you are my world

    my emotions unfurled

    what is love?

    Its what I feel for you, pure and true

    it's what I am filled with, every moment I think of you.