• Now I understand what you were trying to say
    I have these same thoughts and feelings that just wont go away
    Haunting images fill my head
    Keeping me from going to bed

    I feel less stressed
    But I feel more depressed
    I feel relieved
    But somehow deceived

    I wont tell anyone why I feel this way
    I wont tell them why this feeling wont go away
    If the time comes, I'll let them know
    Then maybe I'll be able to let go

    Until then, things must be kept inside me
    Away from prying eyes to see
    Lets hope 2010 is better than 2009
    If it is, everything will be just fine

    I'll have everything I want and need
    Yes some may say it's greed
    Lets see the past, present and future become one
    Because our happiness was second to none.