• So much crying,
    so many tears.
    So many problems,
    so many fears.
    So much for making me feel loved,
    so much for keeping me from dieing.
    You left me,
    with a bullet in my heart.
    Now I can't think straight,
    and I'm falling apart.
    You've got me thinking of suicide,
    you've got me thinking about the love that went by.
    So much for being there,
    when I needed someone to hold.
    So no matter how many times you say you love me,
    I'll never believe you.
    Now sure be surprises if I don't say it back,
    there's nothing you can do to make me change my ways.
    So sorry you think I don't care about you,
    when the truth is...I do.
    You kissed me but then you pulled the trigger,
    and watched me bleed.
    Who knew loving you could be so hard,
    thought you were all that I need.
    Your the one I trusted to hole me tight,
    and never let go.
    But alter everything you've done,
    now I know.