• You push me down
    You say I'm no good
    You say I'm not being what I could
    But you're just pushing blindly
    Trying to live through me
    But I won't change
    I'll stay deranged
    I like being different
    It suits me fine
    I like being weird
    Its just my state of mind
    This is how I live
    So I won't give in
    To your demands
    And I know that you won't help
    So just stay out
    And stop with your commands
    You have to stop with your insults
    Even if you don't care
    They'll always hurt
    Cause they're an echo of despair
    They won't kill me off
    But they'll hurt inside
    They won't change who I am
    But they might change my mind
    About how I judge the world
    Should I b***h and complain
    Or give them what they deserve
    Only destruction and hate
    But try to push me down
    As far as I can stand
    Do as many things as you can
    Try to push me down
    I will come back
    I won't stay broken I can promise that.