• Tell me what to do when they constantly blame you
    and all you tryin to do is get by and eat some damn food

    after a while they ask kid whats wrong with you did your parents raise you right
    or did they raise a damn fool

    so i tried told ' em have you woken up in a world so cold
    bein cut off from ya family and survivin on your own

    he told me no and on the other hand that's no excuse my life is good so i show no proof
    and i said well there's the difference between you and me you live your life all fancy

    while i have been here feelin like im livin on my own with no where to go
    and at night i heard my brother cry no daddy dont go

    as i look back at it now i think to my self maybe he was done
    he probably couldn't take it he just had enough but now i see he was just as weak as me when i was a kid he wanted to play hide and drink and spend his life as i did

    while he left me and my brother and my sister and mama at home
    i had to get a job at just twelve years old to make up for what he missed.

    Before he left he gave mama a passionate kiss she took it to heart
    but i couldnt give an inch to start

    i told him straight to his face ,why should i care if your never gonna be there,
    so he looked at me and then turned his back and left so i tell my mom before i leave ill make sure not to try to turn out like that.