• Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer,

    They're not as nice as other's thought,

    Sometimes, they destroy, hidden behind beauty,

    One's set his mind and body on a journey,

    To find the better on the four season,

    Hope is all hope and dreams are meant to be dreams,

    Tempus fugit, still not a season to be just 'beautiful'

    It's set, none can change the season for better,

    As season changes, circulate and obey the creature will's,

    Human Do Change Also!

    The season aren't just 'bout beauty, but changing-

    Changing the world, suites it's destroying factor behind beauty,

    Shall it be quiet for eternal moments across days?

    If it'll be quiet, the circulate won't be normal,

    Even massive havoc will turned out...

    And Human-

    They'll turn worst if there is no-