• I would never understand,
    Why there were the memories we shared.
    We both cried at each other's words,
    Yet we both laughed at them, too.

    Though it wasn't long since the first day,
    The day we first spoke,
    Time feels like it had expanded the days.

    You said that you never liked yourself too much,
    But you never saw my true feelings that day.
    I was worried at that,
    Couldn't you tell I was always there by your side?

    We both learned more,
    And we both shared more.
    I eased up, while you became more open.

    I grasp the only thing binding these memories,
    Locked into a lone red velvet rose.
    My grip on the stem,
    My hands bleed, yet I ignore it.

    Those words, all of them.
    Each one echoes in my heart,
    An echoing memory.