• To dream, oh how i long to dream
    to shake lose the shackles of reality and forge
    a world where the imagination is the wand and I the conductor
    to which the wonderful symphony of sleep plays.

    to dream, to dare, oh only if i could dream
    yet awake i stay in this, the realness that is my life
    never knowing wat dreams may come in the darkness of that false death
    never knowing when i will awake

    To deam, to know love
    to dream of beauty, of the face the angels pray for
    a body the gods would die for,
    and the soul a feind would wish for

    To dream...but i cannot
    no longing, no love, no dareing, no beauty
    Only the darkness of reality the crulety of the real world
    the only escape is to dream...and yet the horrors of this world steals my dreams from me....

    If only i could dream...

    -Christian R. Davis