• The girl was always sad,
    Never seeing things clear.
    That is until she found that deep black rose of Death and Despair...
    Then she realized things were worse than she'd feared,
    She was always tired and really bored,
    But that was the least of her problems...
    She felt all alone except for her boyfriend
    He always knew, what she was going through!
    And as did she about what he went through too!
    She only wanted things to get better,
    For her family not to lie and stress her...
    She felt like running away was the only option,
    But he knew better and told her that wasn't the case.
    That life was not a race,
    A race for happiness...
    But a pursuit,
    One that most people so often lose...
    But they'd found each other,
    And together they would get through anything!
    This is a true story less of Death than Despair.... cry