• I loved you and I do to this day
    we were once so close and yet I can't seem to get myself to say
    I love you I love you
    please don't leave me behind
    my love is true, my love is true
    Can't we hit rewind?
    Lets return to those days when we were so in love
    A feeling deep and honest, and by accident to the side they were shoved
    I love you still, and want you back
    I have to ask, what do I lack?!
    I can
    only hope your love for me is still there
    even if its only hanging there by just a hair
    We can go back to what it once was
    and I say this only cuz
    I wish you could love me so true as you once did
    and as for me, I have these feelings over which I cannot put I lid
    I love you I love you
    its true its true
    please let me return to you
    our love is forever, our love is true
    forever we can hear each other say, I love you.