• Deep down in my heart,
    It's really hard to depart.
    Never thought we'd be apart,
    Now I know I wasn't so smart.

    All things must come to an end,
    No matter how bad you want to amend.
    And in my depression I descend,
    Can't escape and can't pretend.

    To my ex fiancee I say this,
    I still taste our first kiss.
    And how we were so full of bliss,
    Until that day I sensed something amiss.

    Without you I feel like I'm nothing,
    You were the special one that made me something.
    I try to get rid of your memories but they cling,
    Like an angry hornet they always come back to sting.

    The many tears I have shed,
    Are nothing compared to how much I've bled.
    I barely feel the cuts and all I feel is dread,
    Because inside I am already dead.

    crying crying crying crying