I thought that I loved him
    But that was just so dim
    He was just a midst in the night
    That will fade in the light

    Every word that he said
    My thoughts were deeply invade
    Locked myself in the room
    That’s full of gloom

    I wonder y?
    why did he came by
    just to hurt me?
    Or make me glee?

    I love him forever
    As I thought
    But it was just a laughter
    Money can bought

    As the drew the drapes
    My memories tried to escape
    Even he did that to me
    I thank for him with glee

    He taught me how to love
    From things above
    Taught me how to cry
    But tears woudnt dry

    As years passed by
    I wondered why
    How can I forget him
    And love another

    As I saw his picture
    I remember our past
    The days of turtore
    And a week of lust

    As I decide
    To forget him
    My heart divide
    My soul was dim

    I fake a smile
    In people a mile
    I tried to hide
    My true feelings inside