• ~Mother~
    The pain at first is unbearing,
    And the thought of you leaving is scary,
    To us all, the way you fall,
    The good times and bad,
    and the really sad,
    cloud my mind, and even though you will
    say its fine
    It will never be,
    I hope you see..

    When You screamed at me and called me names,
    those thoughts filled my head, it will never be the same
    the darkness that now surrounds my head,
    the way I stay now, laying in the hospital bed,
    the way you beat me up,
    nothing was ever to my luck, but cant you see..
    This is what happened to me..

    Cause now your lying in that hospital bed,
    never even getting to wed,
    I should have never hurt you or treated you bad
    Made those fatal bruises with how much I was mad
    It wasn't your fault, it was just my rage
    I needed to take it out, So tired of the cage that held them good..
    The emotions that I never ever should,
    have taken on on you..

    My vision is fading, whats going on
    A hear a beautiful sound, so much like a song
    Things are turning bright, am I about to die?
    I can hear my mother and her sickening cry,
    and sudenly I awake, a sweet kiss on my cheek
    From a beautiful angel, a one one that I've seeked
    and she takes my hand and guides me away,
    And im guided to heaven, and there I shall stay..