• A drop hits the floor, I stop before i reach the door
    Looking down thinking about this war,
    Wishing that this fight would stop, and there would be no more
    i can here a loud roar, from just beyond the door
    these tears pour onto the empty floor,
    This pain is too much, to ignore,
    I have stored too much, it is starting to reach my core
    I think, what am i doing this for? What is the reason?
    My body is starting to go sore, From trying to fly,
    Because all i wanna do is Soar

    And finally i cant take anymore
    so i open the door and i see a little boy crying
    i see myself, wishing i was flying
    But i will keep trying, until the day i start dying
    Because this soul is so lonely, That boy is all alone
    On his own, Thrown into the unknown
    Trying to atone, for a sin, he doesnt know
    a long way from home, but he will continue to roam
    Until the day, his name becomes inscribed into the tome
    And becomes known and only then can he say that he has flown