• They say I'm anti-social,
    they say I should have friends.
    They scowl and shake their head.
    If only they knew about my so called "friends".
    We used to be buddies, together till the end of time.
    Until one day when that ended because of my
    horrible "crime."
    Billy was always picked on because he was too small.
    So one day I decided to try and stop them all.
    I told them to "Get lost", and "to cut him some slack."
    My friends looked at me as if I stabbed them in the back.
    From that day on they turned their cheek
    when the jocks made fun of me.
    They saw me beaten and when I was down.
    week after week after week.
    Soon I realized that their was a person to blame.
    His name was Billy, the cause of my shame.
    My anger boiled and bubbled, until it went over the top.
    That day I killed Billy, now I'm being arrested by a cop.
    As my mother crys when I'm shown my cell,
    I think about what I did and if I'm going to hell.
    The pain I felt and still feel has no end,
    because of Billy and my so called, "friends."