• When we first met
    I knew nothing of you.
    You were just a face
    from out of the blue.

    Then you had moved,
    which had left us apart,
    but at that time,
    we did not share a heart.

    Two years went by,
    and within that frame,
    I had my heart crushed
    and then set a-flame.

    I am fine now
    but it had left scars.
    I had been in a jail
    with unbreakable bars

    Then one day online,
    your face shone again.
    From that moment on,
    I knew we weren't friends.

    We had grown closer
    from farther away.
    And I know,for a time,
    Those moments will stay.

    Dreams of being in you arms
    And being held once more,
    makes my heart scream,
    and fall out on the floor.

    There's only one thing
    that holds us apart,
    and has yet to reunite
    theese two aching hearts.

    Because a digital kiss
    is nothing compared
    to that of one real
    that has not yet been shared. ♥♥