• The one.
    You know he/she is.
    You feel it in your bones.
    You feel it in your soul.
    You want it all to work out.
    But you are afraid..... You are afraid that.....maybe it is just the same as before.
    Maybe things aren't different. You just aren't sure.
    You don't know whether to run, hide, or just go along with it for the time being.
    You know that, if you go too far, and things turn out bad, it will hurt.
    Are you strong enough to deal with it again?
    Are you willing to give yourself away again?
    Even if it means that there is a possibility that it will just blow up in your face? You THINK you are...... You want it to work out. You know you do.
    You just want a relationship that won't end abruptly.
    You have been hurting for far too long.
    You want the other person to trust you completely.
    To know, without a doubt, that you wouldn't hurt them for the world.
    That they can put their heart your hands.
    For you will hold it tight, but gently, and never let it go.
    That you wouldn't break it.
    That is what you want.
    That is what I want!