• i once knew a boy
    in a far distant land
    who had a strange feature
    on his left hand....

    this strange feature
    scared many away
    and it grew worse
    with each passing day.....

    the boy was kind
    though his marking surpressed
    others feared him
    and he became depressed......

    then one cold
    and rainy day
    he decided to throw
    his life away.....

    he went to the highest
    bridge in town
    then he jumped off
    and plummeted down......

    he sank down
    then an hour went by
    and he thought to himself
    "why can't i die?????"

    so he swam up
    though he lost all hope
    he swam ashore
    so he could mope......

    he swam along
    and lie on the shorlie
    and began to cry
    and sulk and whine.....

    "these marks are a curse!!!!!
    but what can i do?????"
    he heard a voice say
    "please don't be blue"

    he looked over
    and a smile had shown through
    and the girl standing up said
    "i have the same curse as you......"

    he noticed her gloves
    which she took off
    he saw her right hand
    and he gave a cough.....

    she outstretched her right hand
    to the left one on him
    and for the first time
    things didn't seem so grim.....

    and it almost seemed
    like his heart unfurled
    "my name is lilah
    and i can teach you of this world....."

    he grabbed her hand
    in disbelief
    that someone could take away
    all of his grief......

    but she helped him up
    off of the sand
    "my name is drake"
    but he still held her hand........

    their infections were touching
    but there was no fear
    for with the affection
    the infection would dissappear.....

    so she taught him often
    of the human race,
    emotions, things,
    and a kiss on the face.......

    the problem was the infection
    gave immortality
    so without it
    they would cease to be.....

    they had not known
    their curse's fate
    for where there's cured skin
    it would disintergrate.......

    they realized in time
    so they had a choice, a difficult matter
    to actually voice.......

    to leave eachother
    and be alone in the sand
    or stay together
    and hold eachother's hand.......

    they made their choice
    and their plan in store
    was for their love to burn