• it was the first day of december and the snow was falling from the sky when i heard you were down i started to feel your sadness hitting me like a strike of wind
    and heard it as a cry for help.I rushed to your side and asked you if i could hold your hand when you heard me say that
    you took your hand out and held mine feeling cold.
    We both felt the warmth of each others hands heating ourselves up from the coldness of winter and looked into each others eyes and sooner started feeling the warmth of our hearts beating within each others hands at the same time as our hands were still together it made me never want to let go it felt like i was stuck and wanted to never be apart almost like we would stay like this forever but then suddenly i felt his hands move away then he started to stare at the ice cold snow on the ground and heard him tell me under his breath "im afraid" "what are you afraid of?"i asked he told me"im afraid of......falling in love..."then i put my hand on his shoulder and told him "You shouldn't be love is apart of life without love we wouldn't be here right now its nothing to be afraid of" he smiled and picked his head up and looked at me for the first time i saw him happy it brought joy to my heart to see his smile. He got up off the bench we were sitting on and offered me his hand.i placed my hand gently on his and he pulled me into his arms then whispered to me in my ear "Thank you.......thank you for everything" he pulled me away and kissed my cheek "im not afraid anymore but before i met you i was always afraid but strangly when i was with you i felt safe and protected to tell you the truth....i think your my first love"

    The End~