• They try so hard to tell me how to live my life.
    To tell me how to live it right.
    To show me the way to live in Christ.
    They try to tell me the way I live is wrong.
    They try to tell me not to grow up so fast.
    Yet they try to make me grow up over night.
    They bring my down
    When they claim they only want to bring me up.
    They try to break my spirt
    But my spirit can't be broken
    They want to brainwash me into perfection
    But I'm perfect the way I am.
    They try to tell me that who I am is wrong.
    They don't understand that who I am is right.
    They say I'm just go young to understand.
    I say you're just to blind to see my plan.
    They say my plans don't matter.
    Then they say it's my life and I need to find my own way.
    They say only one person knows they way for me to go,
    yet the are constantly telling me where to go.
    I try to make them see that there is nothing wrong with me.
    But all they see is what they perseive, as insecurities.
    They see my flaws and call them out
    not knowing I see them too and love them so.
    They want to change the very Esecence of who I am.
    But they break me.
    They can't tame me.
    They can't change me.