• <3<3<3
    i look out my window
    and see petals paint the land.
    they mask the bad, the evil,
    the saddness and the fear.

    all i can see is the faint pastle colors
    of blooming roses and the bright
    cheerfulness of the iris.
    not a single left out in the world of painted color.

    cause there is more than on way
    to paint the world and flowers
    have discovered one way.
    the not only paint in beauty but in emotion.

    each hue of blue, pink, purples, and yellows,
    even the faint sight of oranges and reds,
    symbolize and emotion and a feeling
    that inspires hope and faith.

    cause when you look at a flower
    there is not feeling of saddness or depression.
    only love, happiness, and faith.
    only a true feeling a freedom.
    only life, no hardship, no chaos.

    i live my life in beauty and learn to see it
    in everything around...
    not one being, not one creature
    left out in this world
    because everything that is alive is beautiful.