• My life and all i do are restricted
    By the jail cell that is called home,
    Blood from my arm, i have become addicted
    And now im all alone

    I tried to kill the pain
    But i only seem to create more
    My life is all in vain
    This is my last day

    Feel as if the world gave up on me
    Will anyone miss me creeps in my mind
    Im dieing on the inside, why cant they see
    I have become so numb without a soul

    A strangled smile fell from my face
    Im falling into an oblivian of darkness
    My life is such a disgrace
    There is no reason for me to go on

    Laughed at religion long ago
    Doubt ill be an angle when i die
    But since i have no place to go
    Ill just linger in the dorrway like a lost soul