• How life would be,
    When there's but he.
    I'm blinded by thee,
    Though I wish I could see.
    Surrounded by him,
    Day & night.
    He's the last thought on mind,
    & the first thought.
    Thinking of thee is painful,
    Cause he doesn't think of me.
    What life could it be,
    When he is not exist.
    Could it be better,
    Could it be worse.
    How shall I know,
    My heart fears to lose him.
    For I could die in depression,
    & my heart fears not to live & not to smile…
    The way I used to,
    Could he turn around & see.
    That someone behind had been waiting for him,
    Could he turn & not care….
    For his heart belongs to someone else.
    Oh, why? What horror is waiting for me…?
    For I know…
    That I would be waiting…
    & that maybe just maybe
    He would turn around & smile to me ….