• Despair Or Salvation?

    Lifes blood drips silently to the floor.
    As a soul rending scream echo's endlessly within.
    Words to the heart have cut deeper then wounds to the flesh.
    Slowly hope turns to despair, slowly strength dies, slowly life fades.
    Light becomes shadow, as pain permeates my being.
    Broken to my core, scarred beyond recognition i fall to my knees.
    Lifes fire burns to cold embers.
    Souls eternal light weakly flickers
    The world turns black, as i finally fade away.
    Yet at the edge of the abyss a final question is asked.
    Hold on or let go?
    From deep within a voice screams to let go.
    Hope destroys you.
    Trust is met by betrayal.
    Dreams becomes nightmares.
    Scared, i drift aimlessly lost and alone.
    Life brings nothing but unending pain.
    To hold on is agony.
    Let go, for truly am i dead.
    A hand reaches out.
    A voice shatters the silence.
    And a single point of light pierces the darkness.
    From somewhere ever deeper a second voice screams to hold on.
    Hope defines you.
    Trust is your salvation.
    Dreams will set you free.
    Lost you drift aimlessly, yet not alone.
    Life is pain, yet so much more.
    To let go is to lose everything.
    Hold on, for you are not yet dead.
    A second hand joins the first, then another and another.
    A chorus of voices ring throughout the void.
    Above me the night is broken by countless points of light.
    Below me the eternal darkness is absolute.
    I stand upon the edge between life and death.
    Within two voices scream to be heard.
    One voice screams in despair.
    One voice screams for salvation.
    Hold on or let go?
    I answer.......