• Were did life go because I can't find it.
    I've been bounded by those chains,
    I have been struck by those whips.
    I have looked farther than any man,
    Still....I find nothing

    The people tell me their stories,
    But I don't believe them.
    I roam the night,
    I look past the sun,
    But nothings there.

    Hide me, the sun is burning me,
    I run to get out of the way.
    Then I stop and look down,
    My reflection staring right back at me.
    Then I notice, it's right there.

    Those happy times,
    Those people there,
    Where did it all go?
    It's gone but that's where I want to go.

    Take me there.
    That's where I want to go.
    Where I was happy,
    And, where there was joy.