• im so happy
    i just cant believe it
    today i dont feel crappy

    hes so amazing
    hes so cute
    hes so mine

    we are happy
    in a fine relationship
    unlike any other

    no fighting
    no angryness
    no pain

    i was losing myself to you
    but i didnt notice
    thats when it all wrong

    you were losing interest
    seeing me less and less
    then it hit me

    i have been blind
    through this whole thing
    this cant be happening

    im so sad
    i just cant believe it
    today i dO feel crappy

    your like a stupid kid playing a board game
    you want more than you have
    so you cheat....you ChEaTeR

    im the paper......
    your the pen.....

    and you wrote all over me...

    author note:this video goes along with the poem clik to watch