• Wait, let me do it for you.
    I already know this is your job
    However, I am trying to feel a little of love;
    So let me be me who take your cloth off

    There is nothing wrong.
    We are in the same song.
    Just don’t give me a kiss close to my slips
    Because I don’t want to fly with broken wings.

    So many names of kings
    are running in to your blood stream.
    However they just looking a dream
    To satisfy their curious human being.

    My reason may be the same.
    Perhaps for me is not just a game;
    but I haven’t get what do I need,
    from a women a little bit of breeze.

    What is love?, is just a word without mean?.
    Or maybe I haven’t meet someone who like me
    Someone who is looking for one thing,