• I sit here on the shore
    of a long forgotten beach.
    Where life once flourished flawlessly
    until it was released.

    Where the animals would wander,
    where sand glittered by the moon.
    All back when life was here.
    Way back when love was known.

    The water washes up and down
    the darkened blighted sands.
    The silence creeps up behind
    these dead corroding lands.

    And so I sit here hopelessly;
    simply waiting in the dark.
    No longer is there life or love
    within my fading heart.

    I know I shouldnt lose it,
    but its just slipping far away.
    As the spectral hand of fate
    leads my heart astray.

    But tonight an angel visits me.
    From the heavens up above.
    A light glowing from her chest,
    a heart beating of love.

    An angel in a place like this?
    I though never'd be seen.
    Though color returns to the world
    as she walks up to me.

    I look up to her as she stands
    before me in her grace.
    She offers just a hand to me
    with a smile on her face.

    She takes my hand and holds me close.
    This feeling can always stay.
    She flies us up so far up high
    My angel can take me away.

    We sail above the clouds now,
    the live's returned once more.
    I feel my heart beat next to yours
    this feeling I adore.

    The world's so large from way up here
    the lands slowly move by.
    Its amazing how you chose me of all
    to show this pretty sky.

    I look at you and my heart swells.
    You make my heart feel right.
    In loving you I too sproud wings
    two hearts, in love tonight.

    Dancing angels in the air,
    we fly through to distant skies.
    Even though I've found my heart,
    I'd loose it in your eyes.

    Ill always be your angel,
    you just need give the word.
    Ill fly to you right at that time
    to be with you when life's hard.

    And if pain ever comes to us,
    if were lost inside its storm.
    Do not ever hesitate,
    to come to me for warmth.

    I hold you now as we sleep,
    dreaming, just we two.
    Now that I see loves true form
    how couldn't I love you too.