• My heart bleeds deep
    The world is craving for my death

    They wish to smell it. Taste it. Watch it like a film.

    I'm not very strong. Requiems. Requiems. Requiems.

    Never will I let them defeat me. But Iam weak.

    Can someone save me from the harm?

    I fall to the ground.
    I see the light

    "Don't you dare move, you deadly parasite."

    I do as I told, knowing this day will come.

    Why me? Why so early?

    Truth is I want this. I wanted this day to come
    Don't run. Don't run. Die slowly. Don't rush it.

    I awake.
    It was nothing but a dream. Why did I awake.
    I wanted to sleep forever. To be forever gone.

    "Don't wish such a thing, you might regret."

    "Oh stop, I smell the lies on your breath."