• In this night of darkness,
    I sit here waiting for someone to turn on the light.
    I wish to see the Brightside of things,
    But instead I always have to dream.
    In this labyrinth I call my life,
    I’m struggling for acceptance and happiness.

    I imagine I’m in a garden,
    Full of darkness and silence.
    I can’t see where I am,
    Or what is around me.
    I’m scared of what’s to become of me,
    As I grow and learn that life’s not simple.
    And that it’s not always fair,
    Life’s not supposed to be easy.

    Sometimes I lye on my bed,
    Listening to the rain.
    Wondering how it’s so peaceful,
    But yet so depressing.
    Wondering why it’s so dramatic on my roof,
    But in a lake or pond it’s so calm
    It feels so soft,
    But looks so empty...

    Reminds me of how I feel sometimes,
    Sometimes I see the shining light on the moons reflection...
    As if it’s an angel guiding me through all the pain,
    And all the troubled times...
    To help me remember I have my friends and family to hold onto.

    Written By Sophie Wharton AKA MistressOfBatsAndShadows