• The screams and yells,
    ring throughout
    the buildings,
    the hallways,
    the rooms.

    Yet the object
    of these lectures,
    always stayed silent.

    Never saying a word.
    She walks past
    everything and

    A sound never
    pasts her lips.
    Nor does her mouth open.

    She suffers
    in silence,
    like always.

    Her friends
    all had enough,
    and wish to
    have no part.

    With no one
    to talk to,
    and no one
    to trust…

    where can she
    turn to?
    Where will she
    be welcomed?
    And loved?
    And wanted?

    She runs
    through the hallways,
    trying to escape.

    Her tears run free,
    splattering on the ground
    as she pasts the others.